2Degrees Huawei E5 WiFi Router

If you want a compact, simple, fast WiFi modem, the E5 is a great device. If I didn’t have built-in 3G on my laptop, I’d keep it. Luckily, one of you guys will get to have it instead. Stay tuned.

Games for Zune

Microsoft have come out and announced that XNA developers can build games for second-gen Zunes. Finally a use for the Wifi in the Zune instead of the crappy ‘Social’ and wireless syncing. Cesar at ZuneInsider adds some clarity: Here’s an important point of clarification: The announcements at GDC are about the new XNA Game Studio… Continue reading Games for Zune

XP Wireless Connection Weirdness

Check out the image to the right.  Click on it for a full-sized version.  Am I connected or not?  I can tell you that I’m posting this right now with the ‘connection’ in that state.  So very strange. I really don’t know how people can live with WiFi as their main connection type.  Usually I only use… Continue reading XP Wireless Connection Weirdness