Use Your Inside Voice

There’s something about Twitter that brings out the troll in me. I’m not sure what it is, but it feels like more often than not I’m responding to public figures with ranting negativity. To be fair, I’m often responding to examples of deep stupidity, but that doesn’t mean I have to reply likewise. It shouldn’t… Continue reading Use Your Inside Voice

Win: Handpresso Set (for my Tweeps)

If you like your coffee al-fresco, the Handpresso portable espresso maker might just be your gas. I’ve reviewed their lovely Handresso outdoor set, which comes with some accessories in a gorgeous case, and you can win it!

A Response to Patrick Kershaw

Dear Patrick Kershaw

I see that you are new to Twitter. You’ve posted two tweets from your Twitter account (@patrickkershaw1). Perhaps just one if we consider your latest tweet to be a sign-off:

“has decided twitter is a fad… and this will be his last update”.

I know Twitter can be hard to understand for a new user, so perhaps a brief introduction would be in order?