TV TrickleSaver Review

TV TrickleSaverSometimes I get to review gadgets that annoy me. They annoy me not because of problems or poor performance, but because I thought of them first. Yes, I’m annoyed at my own lazy countenance. My own inability to take an idea from the shower to the drawing board and into production.

The TV TrickleSaver from TrickleStar is one of these annoying gadgets. At its heart it is nothing more than a simple relay. What TrickleStar have done is wrap an adjustable relay up in some sexy packaging and jumped on the green bandwagon.

Despite the simplicity, the TrickleStar is a lovely little gadget. It does exactly what it says on the box. Plug your TV into the “master” plug, and everything else into the “slave”. When the TV is on, the slaves will be on. When the TV goes into standby, everything else will be turned off.

Of course you need to think about what plugs into that slave plug. You won’t be able to plug your MySky or DVR into that plug, but your DVD player, XBox, and amplifier should be prime candidates for slavery.

It’s hard to pin down just how much you’ll save. TrickleStar have a slightly dubious power saving calculator. Some surveys put the amount of standby power overall at 10%, with TVs and entertainment devices making up a good chunk of that. In any case, the TrickleSaver is guaranteed to save you some power, which has to be a good thing surely?

Pricing is not yet fixed, but they tell me it will be something like NZ$149, and it will be distributed into New Zealand by Ambertech.