Logitech SqueezeBox Boom and Duet

I’m in music geek heaven. I’m totally cocooned in music streaming from my PC in another room. It seems to be coming from every corner of the room, and I have complete control over the music from the palm of my hand. I can even see the album art for the Kings of Leon album on the screen of the remote control. I have seen the future of music and it is called Squeezebox.

I’ve had an eye on the Squeezebox devices since way back before Slim Devices was purchased by Logitech. At the most basic level, a Squeezebox takes music from mp3 files on your network, or an Internet audio stream, converts it, and outputs the music to your audio system. I’m lucky enough to have review versions of both the Squeezebox Boom and Squeezebox Duet. The latest version – the Squeezebox Boom – includes a nice set of integrated speakers, providing a completely self-contained music player. The Duet includes a basic receiver and full colour wireless remote.

The ability to play streaming music is neither new, nor unique to Squeezebox. The Squeezebox devices do however stand apart from the competition on the design front. Sure, the physical aesthetic is not in the same league as Apple, but the experience is unique. Right from the excellent packaging, through the user interface, and even including small details like the magnetised remote for the Boom that stops it from sliding off the top of the device (or allows you to stick the remote to your fridge).

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