A Question: MySky for My Sky?

You ask for someone to tell you which way you should go. As you point out: at $15 per month, it’s going to be three and a bit years before you’re on the wrong side of $599, by which time there might be a new version, or your salary increase might make the $15 irrelevant. I think you’ve answered your own question.

Sky TV Website Security Update

Juha Saarinen has written an excellent article covering the security issues I had with Sky Television?s web help site. [quote] The help system used by the broadcaster lacks account authentication by password, allowing access from the internet simply by guessing the email address of a registered user. [/quote] Sky have ostensibly fixed the site by […]

Sky Television: A lesson in frustration

Update: the post below documents my frustrations, but I have since discovered a pretty large security hole in the Sky Customer Help site. The site requires no password, meaning you can guess an email address (say that of John Fellet, CEO, or Fernando Battaglia, Web Development Manager), and view any questions they have posted, or […]