Shuttle XPC Media Centre

Shuttle XPCAwww man, I’ve been coveting Shuttle PCs for a while now in my very poor attempts to assemble a media center PC, and now they just bait me by coming right out with a genuine media PC form factor.

Specs don’t look too nasty either, with a Pentium M chip, NVidia 6600LE graphics card, and integrated dual-tuner card. Wireless keyboard and remote are included too.

However if other Shuttle prices are anything to go by, you’ll be paying a premium for the integrated experience. There’s no doubt you could build a similar machine for cheaper, but I doubt it will fit together as smoothly as this puppy.

AOpen Mini Clone by Christmas

AOpen Mini CloneAOpen have announced price details and shipping date for their cool little Mac Mini clone based around a Pentium-M processor and Intel 915G chipset. This thing would make a killer entertainment PC, as long as the graphics are up to task.

Extremetech says:


The Pandora will be sold as a complete system, according to a note from the OEM that was sent to reporters this week. The Pandora will sell for an estimated price of $499 for a Windows-based configuration, and $399 for one configured around Linux. Systems will be available by Christmas, the company said.


Mac mini is Real!!

Mac miniOk, it might not look anything like the fake below, but Steve Jobs has just announced a new Mac ‘mini’. Straight from the live keynote feed at


01:34 PM – The Mac mini fits in the palm of your hand. Hook it into your own keyboard and mouse, or Apple’s. Comes with Panther and iLife 05. Price point:$499 $599.

01:34 PM – The Mac mini looks like a 3″ tall CD drive. A short cube. All the connections, DVI and VGA.

01:33 PM – Introducing the Mac mini — ThinkSecret was right!