Video: Robots and Tinkering

Here are the items I reviewed on TVNZ this morning. Click the image for the video. Item: “Klutz” Science Books Price:Various (generally $30-$40) Rating: 4 / 5 Info: If you have a budding young scientist who is perhaps a bit too junior to be holding a soldering iron, books like the Klutz range are a […]

Review: Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Back when we had two incomes, no mortgage, and no kids, I found it scarily easy to succumb to the attraction of the original Lego Robotics Invention System. It was quite the achievement at the time: two motors, a bunch of basic sensors, and a whole heap of Technics. The software was barely stable, but […]

There are Robots Everywhere

It is de rigueur among the technorati to complain about the current lack of 21st-century technological wonderments, such as jetpacks, robots, and pill-food. Personally I can understand the lack of jetpacks and pill-food. If we had both, one?s existence would swing constantly between cold, wet terror and unfathomable gastronomic boredom. Now robots on the other […]