PSP Downgrader Released

The new PSP 2.0 firmware hack has, as predicted, started a veritable cascade of sub-hacks, homebrews and workarounds.

We have the venerable Pong, and we have the PSP firmware downgrader. The downgrader is probably the bigger deal, giving owners of 2.0 PSPs the ability to downgrade to the thouroughly reamed 1.5 version, and thus access to the growing library of homebrew apps available on 1.5.

PSP 2.0 Firmware Hacked

Sony PSPWow. Just…. wow. Regardless of how you view the legalities of these things, you can’t help but be impressed at these dudes. Some enterprising hackers have found a buffer overflow in the PSP 2.0 firmware that seems to allow arbitrary code execution by loading a specially configured image file.

If true, this of course opens the latest PSP firmware to any and all comers; most notably ‘homebrew’ software developers. If you have any questions as to the altruism of the hackers, check their comments:


PSP Users:
We didn’t do this so you could steal from Sony and game companies. We believe in OSS. There are plenty of amazing programs that have been written for the PSP. Use this as a gift and not as an excuse to steal.

If you wanted to find us i know you could. This release wasn’t intended as a way to run pirated software on the PSP. We believe that everyone should be able to compile their own code and run it. Nothing is kept secret forever and I’m sure you know this. In the end, if it wasn’t us. It would be some one else. Fighting it would be like skating up a hill. You did create the PSP and did an amazing job.


Burnout for PSP

Burnout PSPGodammit! I was hoping that I would be able to fend off the sparkling gadgetry lure of the Sony PSP, but it looks like the last nail has been beaten into the coffin of my credit card. Burnout, the single most enjoyable console game I have played in the last while, is coming to the PSP. You heartless bastards.

/me looks around for stuff to sell…