Windows Phone 7 at Year +1

How do you feel about a Nokia smartphone running Windows Phone 7, with the following features? High-resolution screen with a highly interactive touch UI Full-fidelity HTML5 web browser Copy-paste Full Twitter and Facebook integration (social feeds attached to contact cards) Full-fidelity Office document editing with cloud sync Multitasking Interested? Microsoft have just announced that all the […]

Windows Phone 7 Distribution by Device and Country

An anonymous associate is the developer of a popular application for  Windows Phone 7. The advertising platform he uses in the application reports on the location and nature of devices that are requesting ads. There’s nothing nefarious about this: it’s the same as any web server collecting browser statistics. First let’s have a look at […]

Paid Applications Finally Available on NZ Android Market

Free applications from the Android Market have been available since at least day one of the HTC Magic release in New Zealand. Apparently local currency conversion has stopped paid applications up until now. Today, our dedicated Android forum member, Rob, has just posted a note saying that paid apps quietly appeared last night. I guess […]