I’ve (possibly temporarily) changed by photo blogging host from Mobog to Buzznet. I got a new GSM phone, and in New Zealand this also means a new number (because I’ve switched carriers). This in turn buggers up my mobog account, because the phone number is obviously used as a unique ID so that the photos […]

Bad news…

Telecom have quitely announced (buried halfway down the page somewhere) that free photo messaging is extended until the end of June! This means I have no choice but to continue spamming my Mobog with endless bad-quality photos of pointless crap. Sorry, it’s out of my hands. Honestly.


OK, I’ve finally found a phlogging service that can deal with the seven layers of crap that Telecom (or Hyundai, or whoever), puts around the images when I send them from my new phone. Problem is that (errr following link probably not safe for work…) Mobog is not entirely savoury. Created by ‘Pud’ of FuckedCompany […]