Switching to Mac

I can’t remember how old I was when I used my first IBM PC clone. If I recall, it was a ‘luggable’ Panasonic with an orange plasma CGA screen. I played an ancient version of Ghostbusters, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, perhaps version 1 or 2. My whole world seemed to involve hacking config.sys and autoexec.bat… Continue reading Switching to Mac

ESky Honey Bee King 2

Look what the tooth fairy delivered today: I’ve haven’t even written a proper review for the last one yet, but I’ve unfortunately been entirely bitten by the bug. This new helicopter is much more advanced than the Lama, with a belt-driven tail rotor, and full CCPM head control. Truthfully I’ve battled with the Lama and… Continue reading ESky Honey Bee King 2

Improve Your Life

Like so many things I read, I find cognitive therapy to be basically codified common sense. The same thing applies to project management, money management, negotiation, ad infinitum. The market for books on the subjects makes me reconsider if these things are in face common sense. Still, I find a lot of excellent stuff when… Continue reading Improve Your Life