Linksys WRT54GL Custom Firmware is Essential

My previous posts on how to set up ADSL routing and bittorrent support with the Linksys WRT54GL have generated a fair bit of interest.? One of the most common questions seems to be people having problems with their WRT54GL running stock firmware.? To make myself completely and utterly clear:

The stock WRT54GL firmware is complete, unmitigated garbage.

I’m not sure what Linksys/Cisco were thinking, but the stock firmware is indeed totally horrible.? I can pretty much guarantee that if you start a P2P session on the stock firmware, you will be unable to browse the web soon afterwards.? This is because the NAT translation table fills up with about 200 entries from the P2P client, and no more connections can be made.

I highly recommend updating to the latest Tomato firmware.? DD-WRT is also ok, but Tomato is nice and clean and has really cool interactive bandwidth graphs.

ADSL Routing Solution in Detail

My previous posts on my ADSL setup have generated a great deal of interest, so I’m now adding a detailed writeup on how to set up this system.
First, here is a reference diagram of how everything fits together:

Bear in mind that you could replace any part of the system with something comparable. E.g. the RTA1320 could be replaced wtih any ADSL router that supports half-bridge mode, and the WRT54GL could be replaced with a dedicated PC runing Smoothwall or some other full-blown firewall package.

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