Nokia Lumia 920 Review

It’s a fantastic phone. Yes it’s porker at 180 grams, but if you can get over that single downside, everything else is frankly wonderful. For users coming from Windows Phone 7, the 920 is a huge step-up. The screen is finally on par (and often surpasses) other high-end smartphones; performance is wonderful, with the lack […]

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones in New Zealand

At Nokia World last night (New Zealand time), Stephen Elop and the Nokia team announced two new phones: The Lumia 800: very much based on the Nokia N9 hardware that I reviewed yesterday. The Lumia 710: a lower-cost phone sporting the same internal hardware as the 800, but with a LCD screen. The phones will […]

Nokia N9 Review: Gorgeous Hardware

My understanding is that the N9 was all but complete when Stephen Elop announced Nokia’s sea change. In fact, I’m writing this review 60 minutes before Nokia (hopefully) announces their first phones running Windows Phone 7.  So what does the N9 mean in this context? The rumoured (and demonstrated) “sea-ray” device looks uncannily similar in […]

Windows Phone 7 at Year +1

How do you feel about a Nokia smartphone running Windows Phone 7, with the following features? High-resolution screen with a highly interactive touch UI Full-fidelity HTML5 web browser Copy-paste Full Twitter and Facebook integration (social feeds attached to contact cards) Full-fidelity Office document editing with cloud sync Multitasking Interested? Microsoft have just announced that all the […]