Displaying HTML Strings in the Windows Phone 7 WebBrowser

I’m building a Windows Phone 7 application, and I have a need to show nicely formatted HTML from a dynamic source, but not a web server. I hacked around with Silverlight’s TextBlock with its Inlines property for a while, but the lack of anything other than a plain Run object leaves me short. I can’t easily render links and lists.

Tech.Ed and Auckland .NET Code Camp 2009

You may or may not know that my day job involves bitwrangling for Datacom, using Microsoft development platforms (yes yes evil empire yadda yadda – give me a break). As such, I’m excited that Tech.Ed New Zealand is a mere two weeks away. Tech.Ed is the 3-day conference where Microsoft developers (developers! developers!) and systems people get the low-down on the latest development tools and techniques.

Silverlight: Flash doesn’t matter

After listening to The Gang XVII, with its usual nuggets of awesomness (awesomity?) buried beneath hours of non-sequitur and Jason “Idiot Savant” Calacanis, I had to comment on something. The topic of Silverlight came up, and the comment was (paraphrasing) “why would all these Flash and Air developers bother to switch to Silverlight?” Here’s the […]

Response.Redirect Draws a Blank

Found a nasty little bug in ASP.NET 1.1 this morning. Once again I’m documenting it for my personal archives and the Googlers. This one results from using a combination of Response.Redirect, SmartNavigation and secure (HTTPS) connections. The page in question was designed to save changes, then redirect to the original calling page, so the contents […]