Navman MY500XT: Bouquets and Brickbats

It’s no secret that I found the Navman S200 appallingly irritating. So you can imagine my trepidation when I was accosted by a charming PR person (do they come in other flavours?), bubbling about the new Navman range, now with integrated traffic information for New Zealand. Casting aside my black mood towards GPS units, I grudgingly accepted the offer of a review unit. […]

TomTom XL, Garmin 265W, and Navman S200 Review

During the Summer break, I’ve had the dubious pleasure of test driving three quite similar GPS navigation devices. The devices differ in implementation and usability, but they all do the same thing at a high level. Understand this: a GPS device will never replace local knowledge, and probably not even a good hard look at […]

Navman Review: User Interface Hall of Shame

I remember this ancient site because of its description of those infuriating Lotus Notes command buttons. I came across those buttons as an IT guy trying to help my CEO with his new system. The way they operated was irritating, and patently wrong. Not “wrong” in one of those design-guru debates about which highlight colour […]