A Question: MySky for My Sky?

skytv_logo The question machine has recorded another question for me to play back:
[quote]We are looking at getting “My Sky”, so I rang sky and now I dont know which way to go.. We already have a DVD recorder but the MAIN reason I want  Mysky is after spending about $300 odd on trying to get our reception better on normal TV (if we are taping a sky channel, we may want to watch TV1 etc), anyway after a new arial and many hours we still have s**t reception if not watching through sky.. So we have decided Mysky will fix our troubles? Sky lady said we have two options..

  • OPTION 1…. Pay $599.00 and then nothing extra for ever.. so that way we would still only be paying  about $85 a month for our sky channel pack which we are paying now…
  • OPTION 2…. Pay $99.00 for instilation and then an extra $15 a month for as long as we have “Mysky”….
  • EXTRA OPTION….. For an extra $10 on top of what ever option we pick we can get HD???  Is it really that important to have HD?

So PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me and tell me which way they would go?  I tend to think  OPTION 2 as I would bet just about anything there will be a new something within at least 18 months but then again I am normally wrong so what to do??
I absolutly hate when I feel like I have had a bad deal or feel I have been ripped off……[/quote]
I absolutely hate feeling ripped off too. It’s like that feeling you get when you’re watching a pay TV channel that you’re forking over $90 per month for, and the program keeps being interrupted by ads. Ads targeted perfectly in the way only a company with thousands of phone-connected decoders could do.

But I digress! You asked a question about MySky. Let me break it down as best I can in order of your question marks: Probably; Correct; Maybe; I shall; Good point.


Yes, probably a Sky account will fix your reception issues. Unlike a terrestrial TVNZ signal, the Sky signal is beamed down from a satellite, so unless you point your reception dish the wrong way or plant an exceptionally large tree in the wrong place, your signal will be perfect.


Yes, Sky asks for an additional $10 per month on top of any subscription for their “HD Access Ticket”. You can have all the bells, whistles, and chrome plated grease nipples required to view HD content, but you’re not going to get any Aiych Dees from Sky’s spaceship unless you pay them those ten dollars every month.

I suppose the satellite must have to blow a bit harder to get the extra digital bits down to your satellite dish.


Is it really that important to have HD? Maybe. Do you have a big HD television? If you don’t then there’s certainly no point in paying that $10 per month.

If you do have a nice big HD television, then I personally think it’s worth the extra $10 per month. Sometimes you won’t even notice, but most of the time you’ll be pleased with the extra depth and clarity, especially when you swap between HD and standard channels to compare.

Hi-Def nerds will complain that Sky’s particular flavour of HD is no great shakes compared to Freeview. While their position (like most nerdery) is grounded solidly in fact, the reality is that slightly crap HD is better than no HD at all.

I Shall

You ask for someone to tell you which way you should go. As you point out: at $15 per month, it’s going to be three and a bit years before you’re on the wrong side of $599, by which time there might be a new version, or your salary increase might make the $15 irrelevant. I think you’ve answered your own question.

Additionally: if I had paid $599, I’d be a lot more upset than I am at the smelly stool that attempts to pass as a user interface on the MySkyHDi. I could rant for a good hour about just how perplexing it is to use, but I present one exhibit for consideration: It takes at least 3 button presses (and often many more), to set up a show for “series link”. It takes a single, shiny, inviting (to a six year old), yellow button press to delete a recorded show forever. No warning, no undo, do not pass Go, do not watch that episode of The Pacific. Ever. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Pacific is a disappointment anyway.

Good Point

Sorry, I don’t mean “good point: you are normally wrong”. I mean “good point: there is usually a new device every 18-24 months”.

Go with the $15 per month option. Pay the $10 “HD ticket” if you have a half-decent HD TV.