Nokia Lumia 920 Review

The Lumia 920 (taken with a competing smartphone)

It’s a fantastic phone. Yes it’s porker at 180 grams, but if you can get over that single downside, everything else is frankly wonderful. For users coming from Windows Phone 7, the 920 is a huge step-up. The screen is finally on par (and often surpasses) other high-end smartphones; performance is wonderful, with the lack… Continue reading Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Review: Forza Motorsport 4

When I heard Forza was coming back for another round, I jumped on the twitters, and the PR company very kindly responded. I’m so glad they did. I was expecting subtle revisions to the game, but Forza 4 is a revelation. It’s the best car racing game you’ll find on any platform, bar none.

Samsung Omnia W in New Zealand

When I asked Vodafone NZ for an official statement on the availability of Windows Phone 7.5 devices in New Zealand, their response was “We’ll let you know when we are ready to announce anything.” Imagine my surprise then, when I saw this story from the Waikato Times on Twitter. [box]A Vodafone spokesman said that the… Continue reading Samsung Omnia W in New Zealand

Windows 8

You can have your cake, and eat it too, but only after it is fully baked. This is my one-sentence summary of the first day keynote sessions from Microsoft’s Build conference. Build replaces the long-running Professional Developer Conference (PDC), with the most visible change being a ton of Metro-style branding: bold colours, strong typography, attention… Continue reading Windows 8