Grandroids: Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One

It’s bloody hard to pick a winner from this bunch. They each have their upsides and some very minor downs. The HTC One camera is a disappointment but it looks smashing; the Samsung feels cheesy but is incredibly light and has a fantastic camera; and the waterproof Z could come in very handy, while Sony have also done amazing things with the modding community.

WP7 Non-update Update being Updated

The update that isn’t an update will be coming to Vodafone New Zealand’s HTC Trophy devices next week. Revealing an interesting insight to the update shenanigans, Vodafone has said that the update has been approved by both Vodafone Group and Vodafone NZ, and Microsoft will push the update next week. Microsoft announced the update on […]

Vodafone HTC 7 Trophy with Windows Phone 7

What I’m going to do is pull out a few interesting points from those reviews, talk about the HTC 7 Trophy specifically, then cover some deep technical stuff that I’ve been discovering as a WP7 developer. I’m also open to any questions you might have about Windows Phone 7 or the Trophy itself.