Silicondust HDHomeRun Winner

Thanks everyone for participating in the vote. The final results are in, and the winner of the HDHomeRun tuner is Reason 3 (Liz) by a long way. I guess donating a kidney to your brother does a lot for the (deserved) sympathy vote! The official final count is:

Final Vote ResultsI’ll get in touch and send the tuner her way. Check back for a cheesey photo of the winner with the prize (if they’d be so kind as to send one through…).

Remember, you poor buggers that didn’t win can still buy an HDHomeRun online here. Use the coupon code “” for a $30 discount. If you’re wondering whether you should buy one, check out my original review for all the info.

WIN: HDHomeRun HDTV Tuner

This competition is now closed. Thanks for your entries. Check back for voting on the winner.

HD Homerun
(use coupon code)

The simplicity with which the HDHomeRun works just blew me away when I reviewed it. Now it’s your turn! Yup, you can have the unit that I’ve been reviewing. For free. Just take it! All you have to do is explain why you need HDTV on your PC (or media extender).

Here’s the deal: tell us in one sentence why you think you deserve this piece of kit. I’ll select the top three most interesting, funny, or deserving answers, and post them up (anonymously) for everyone to vote on. You have until Monday night (8th June) to tell us, then we’ll vote for a few days to determine the final winner.

Remember, the HDHomeRun works on PC, Mac, and Linux. It attaches to your network, so no need to have an aerial plug near your PC. You can probably just plug it in to your WiFi router and watch HDTV on your laptop too! In New Zealand, it tunes all Freeview channels (not Sky due to encryption). Unsure what it tunes in Oz and Europe, but you guys have DVB-T over there right?

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Silicondust HD Homerun Tuner

HD Homerun
(use coupon code)

I guess you could say I’ve stumbled, rather than climbed, onto the Windows Media Center bandwagon. I’ve heard of people spending months planning and building the perfect media PC, complete with multi-channel tuner cards and high-end hardware decoders. For me, I just happened to notice that the release candidate of Windows 7 comes with Media Center, and my existing XBox 360 works as a Media Center Extender. Pretty soon I was watching videos on my TV through the XBox.

Through some form of geek osmosis, I’ve come to understand that Media Center will also do live and recorded digital TV. However, the level of futzing required was quite frankly well in excess of my care factor. I run the servicable but generally annoying MySky HDi PVR, so don’t really have any need for live TV through Media Center. Also, I was not at all interested in screwing around with tuner cards inside my PC. If you’ve ever hand-built a PC, you’ll understand my reluctance to touch anything inside a stable and reliable box.

When Blair from Digital Pride contacted me about reviewing a HDHomeRun from Silicondust, my initial reaction was the same: please don’t make me. But then I had a look at the specs: no futzing required. The pitch from Silicondust is your standard plug’n’play promise: plug the HDHomeRun into your network and antenna, install some software on your media PC, and you’re done. Colour me sceptical.

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