Paid Applications Finally Available on NZ Android Market

Free applications from the Android Market have been available since at least day one of the HTC Magic release in New Zealand. Apparently local currency conversion has stopped paid applications up until now. Today, our dedicated Android forum member, Rob, has just posted a note saying that paid apps quietly appeared last night. I guess […]

New Zealand Google Phone by May?

When I saw the Vodafone-branded, Android-based HTC Magic in the MWC coverage, I presumed it would be picked up fairly quickly by Vodafone here in New Zealand. Paul Brislen comments today in the Herald: [quote] New Zealand will be part of the ‘second phase’ of Vodafone’s Magic release Brislen said. It could be on the […]

Google Streetview Available in New Zealand

This morning Google turned on Streetview for New Zealand. Streetview has been available in a number of cities and locations around the world, and Google have been driving the highways and byways of New Zealand with their camera cars for close on 12 months. The coverage is quite incredible. The applications for Streetview are amazing. […]