Giveaway: Wireless Barbecue Thermometer

Thanks for your entries. This contest is now closed

Being the altruistic man that I am, I have decided to run the first ever giveaway!

You might recall my glowing praise for the wireless barbecue thermometer on my previous post, or even during my TVNZ Breakfast segment. If you want to win one of these, allowing you to strut proudly around the house with the receiver on your geekbelt, then just do the following:

  • Send a single email to with the subject line “Wireless BBQ Thermometer”. Multiple emails will be ignored.
  • In the email, answer this question: “The wireless barbecue thermometer allows you to select from multiple types of meat. Name one of these types of meat.”

Of course you’ll find the answer in my previous post or the product page.

Entries close 5pm NZDT on Sunday 12th October 2008.

Vista Sidebar Gadget: NZ Rain Radar

This is perhaps a little too niche for some of my readers, but for all you New Zealanders who ride motorbikes (or 200cc Italian scooters!) to and from work, run Vista, and want a handy way to check if you need to wear your wet weather trousers, you may like my first Vista Sidebar Gadget.

It’s a rain radar image that regularly updates itself.  You can download it by clicking here, and it should install automatically if you’re running vista.

Sidebar gadgets are pretty interesting little things.  Basically cut down web pages, with some special API calls to enable saving and retrieving settings.

If you have problems or questions about the gadget, just fire me a comment here and I’ll get it in my email.

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