Here’s the thing: the problems you need to solve as a technical manager are by definition non-technical. You need to create an environment in which the engineering team can execute to their potential, and otherwise get out of the way. The last thing you need is technical authority

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Without focus a software engineering team can look and feel like they’re doing great, but not make headway. You can have all the right pieces set up just the right way, but all for naught. No amount of engineering talent, no fantastic working environment, nor great team culture can make up for a lack of focus. It’s that important.

So, this happened.

It was a mix of completely surreal and utterly mundane. Well, as mundane as you can get at a pool party with 3 indicted internet millionaires catered by their butler. We talked about all the things you’d expect – the heavy-handedness of the original raid, how they coped for months without internet (“it was really… Continue reading So, this happened.