FatX Renamer Update

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screenshotDownload Here. Read on for more details.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve updated FatX Renamer, a tool you can use to rename files so that they are compatible with your modded XBox. After a bit of feedback, I’ve made the following tiny adjustments:

  • Added code to remove most accented characters e.g. Gr??en becomes Grusen (ugly but effective)
  • Directory tree is now multithreaded, so drive and folders are populated in the background.
  • More robust (albeit slower) way of retrieving drive information (removed reliance on old-school sccrun.dll)

So there you have it. Nothing major, and all the usual caveats about running at your own risk apply. I take no responsibility if this software causes your computer to let the magic smoke out.

FatX Renamer

Like it?

screenshotDownload latest version here. Read on for more details.
I’ve updated this application. Details are here, but the download link above will get the latest version.

After modding my XBox, I discovered a reasonably annoying fact: the filesystem on the XBox (known as FAT-X), has different requirements for filenames than does FAT32 or NTFS. FAT-X only likes filenames shorter than 42 characters, and doesn’t like many punctuation characters.

I hunted around for a bit, and found a few tools that would do the renaming job, but they all seemed to lack the ability to rename directories. So, being the code monkey that I am, I’ve whipped up a little app in C# that does the job for me, and for you too if you’d like.

Bear in mind that it’s a wee bit ‘beta’ at the moment, and that the changes to filenames are not reversible. Still, if you’re using it (like I am) to rename MP3 files, there names of those files are not too relevant, because XBox apps like XBMC read the ID3 tags anyway. A couple of other points if you’re going to use it:

  • There aren’t a whole heap of options. Filenames are simply truncated from the right, and the original extension is re-added. I’ll add more options in another release.
  • You can review changes before they are made, and manually overwrite the proposed filename.
  • Sometimes the renaming will fail, usually because a directory is renamed, meaning that files within that directory can’t be accessed using the original directory name. I’m going to fix this in a future release (by renaming directories last), but you can just re-scan the directory to rename the files again.

You can download it here. If you have any problems, questions or comments, you can leave a comment here, or email me.