Reasons to use social media

I’ve been away from social media* for a month now, and I’m wondering whether to go back. I’m not convinced I should. I just don’t know whether I find it valuable enough to compensate for the downsides that it causes for me.

Here’s what I find valuable about social media:

  1. It helps me keep connected with friends.
    I actually met some of my closest friends (hi @dylanreeve, @parsley72) thanks to social media, and keep up with others using it. It’s not that I can’t catch up with people without using Twitter, but I do miss that ambient intimacy. I’m not convinced it’s as good as real intimacy though.
  2. It’s (currently) the best way to advertise your company and connect with your industry.
    With Codemania looming, I’m wondering if the lack of last-minute ticket sales is partially because I’m not spamming away on Facebook and Twitter. Possibly? Probably? Also we have some open roles at Vend that I’d normally tweet about to spread the word.

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WIN: Social Media Junction Ticket

Congrats to Josie Campbell. Someone should be in touch with ticket info soon!

SMJ LogoWhat’s up my homebakers? If you’re up with the kids and down with the 411 on Social Media (with a captial S&M even), then you’re probably interested in the Social Media Junction conference happening this coming Monday (17th May).

The news is good! I have a free ticket to give away for Monday. Just think, you can kick with the New Zealand blogeratti: Russell, Mauricio, Bernard, Greer – and all those other A-list blogger first-name types. Heck, even New Zealand Twitter royalty like Paul (@vodafonenz) Brislen and Duncan (@orcon) Blair will be there to school you on twatterbleeping.

If you want to learn how to social your media, Social Media Junction is the place to be. Seriously.

Just reply below with the coolest thing you’ve done using Social Media, and I’ll select a random winner at 10:30am tomorrow (Friday).