PB Technologies Customer Service Timeline

I’m really interested to understand how consumers and retailers are educated around the consumer guarantees act. I’d love to hear your feedback as you read of the timeline below (I’ll add to it as it progresses). Am I being a dick? I’m going to be as careful as I can to add no bias. I will however comment in the comment section after the article.

Orcon Fails at Customer Service

Correction and Retraction: The billing is correct, but no less ugly. Turns out Orcon bills usage in arrears, and account services in advance. So this month I get to pay for both my overage from last month plus my data bundle for next month. The overall result is a bill $50 higher than I expected. […]

Brilliant Customer Service from BankDirect

They say that angry customers tell 3,000 friends, while satisfied customers only tell 3. A couple of weeks ago I got the regular helpful little card from my bank, reminding me that it was time to re-fix a portion of my mortgage. Like the brokers tell you to do, I’ve broken the mortgage into a […]