MegaUpload, Piracy, and Due Process

We should be celebrating the arrests in the MegaUpload case. They show that large-scale copyright infringement can be investigated and acted upon under existing laws and treaties. They show that even without SOPA and such draconian laws, copyright holders can seek remedy. Note: I say we should celebrate the arrests. I question the seizing of… Continue reading MegaUpload, Piracy, and Due Process

Questioning ACTA

InternetNZ, and others, have created a website to consolidate information regarding ACTA and its impact in New Zealand. I’m submitting a couple of questions in absentia, as documented below.

Google slaps down S92a

Google has a lot at stake in the copyright wars. They hold monstrous caches containing most of the data on the web, no doubt some of it covered by copyright. They also probably hold the risky position of a “service provider” under the new law, requiring them to respond to accusations of infringement. Google recently… Continue reading Google slaps down S92a