Wii Sports Resort with MotionPlus

The Nintendo Wii is a polarising device. Ask a gamer, and most of them will agree that the PS3 is overpriced, and the XBox 360 is unreliable. These are facts. The Wii on the other hand polarises people between love and meh. The graphics are decidedly last-gen, and the controller is either miraculous or just […]

Wii: Standard Issue on Norweigan Cruise Lines

It’s not so much that the Wii is recognised as a fun and innovative console, but also that companies like Norweigan Cruise Lines see a need to issue a press release when they decide to install Wiis on their ships. Can you imagine them saying this sort of thing if they decided to install 360’s or something?  [quote] […]

PS3 VS. 360 – The Beer Difference

I love PR stunts.  This one by Microsoft has a certain beery quality to it.  Baiscally Microsoft highlighted the price difference between the 360 and a PS3 to a video game magazine.  In beer. [quote] “What would you purchase for £146…? (The price difference between an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3)”, asks the included Xbox […]