Nutty Caterham Levante Powered by 11,000RPM V8

The Caterham Levante is the brainchild of a nutjob called Russell Savoury. Mr Savoury basically took two 1000cc 5-valve Yamaha motorbike engines, and connected them together to make a V8 that revs to 11,000RPM and sounds like a choir of demons. He then stuck this engine in a Caterham, which is already your classic power-to-weight […]

New Congestion Indicators for Auckland Motorways

The NZ Transportation Agency has indicated that Auckland motorways will be getting new “high-tech sensors” to relay congestion information to a bunch of signs, which in turn will tell motorists what the likely travel time will be. This is cool, but I can’t help but wonder if an intelligent GPS network would be more appropriate? […]