Canon G10 [High-End Compact Cameras Part 1]

Digital cameras are perhaps the worst example of consumerist segmentation for the sake of it. On this page alone I count 25 current model digital compact cameras. Considering other brands and previous models, you have something like 300 cameras to choose from if you want to purchase a digital compact camera today. I imagine the […]

Sony XR200, Panasonic TM200 and Canon HF11 Test

This is what they call a “lightning review” in the business. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty specifics on the cameras, because quite frankly I’m not an expert. I’m using these things as they’d be used in the wild: pick it up, turn it on, and film some stuff. From left to […]

Video: Digital Camera Reviews

Fujifilm Finepix, Casio Exilim FH20, Panasonic G1, and the awesome Canon EOS 5D Mark II Fujifilm Finepix Underwater Digital Camera Package Price : $219.99 (special until 24th December, then $269) Product website Rating: 3/5 Basic camera at a fantastic price. The waterproof housing is good for 3m underwater, but also doubles as protection from sand, […]

Canon EOS 5Dmkii is “Life Changing” confirms my amateur gut-feel with a more detailed, scientific review, and comes to the conclusion that the new 5D is the shizzle. [quote] And the vast amount of detail that goes along with 21.1MP, as well as the sophisticated image processing served up by its new DIGIC 4 engine, cannot be understated — it’s […]