Kodak ZX1 Launches in New Zealand

I remember a while back chasing a Flip HD camera to review, but they weren’t interested in the New Zealand market. Kodak has a similar camera in the ZX1, and have finally got around to releasing it locally: [quote]Reliving life’s ‘Kodak moments” in high-definition, and sharing them on YouTube, is made easier with the new […]

Video: Hi-Definition Camcorders

Good Morning and Welcome! If you’re visiting after watching TVNZ Breakfast this morning, then you’ll probably want to click here and read the post about the three hi-def camcorders I displayed. If you have a specific question about any of the devices, feel free to leave a comment below, or alternatively you can ask me […]

Sony XR200, Panasonic TM200 and Canon HF11 Test

This is what they call a “lightning review” in the business. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty specifics on the cameras, because quite frankly I’m not an expert. I’m using these things as they’d be used in the wild: pick it up, turn it on, and film some stuff. From left to […]