A Question About Travelling Cameras

The question kitty has deposited a freshly eviscerated question before me. Viv asks:


Im going off overseas to teach English and while Im all over the place I want to take some photos (Digital) good enough for a book idea I have. Sadly I know nothing other than how to take a shot. I need something that will take action and wildlife, scenery etc.

What does one do in a world where technology should have come up with some technology to help the human to buy


Oh how I feel your pain. Consumer electronics manufacturers have no trouble at all creating 82 variations of the same product, and yet they haven’t invented a device that will select the correct product for you.

However, in your case, you may need narrow your focus somewhat. This book you speak of, is it a book full of photographs; or a book full of text, with some photographs; or a book based on some photographs, containing no photographs at all? Let’s call these scenarios a, b and c: we’ll revisit them later on.

You also need to set yourself a budget. Regardless of the constraints you set, you will find cameras that range in price by thousands of dollars. Continue reading “A Question About Travelling Cameras”

The Awesome Future

I’ve seen the future, and it is groovy.
Future World

There are many predictions about the future, including widespread use of this 4.5kg portable phone that can be used ‘virtually anywhere’:
Did you hear that? Virtually anywhere!

But it’s obvious that the most important development in the future will be totally fucking awesome pants:
Apparently that big yellow console is “the control point for various domestic systems such as lighting, temperature regulation, data retrieval and home entertainments, for example the giant wall mounted television screen of the type currently under development”.

Awesome pants. And ringworlds in space:

I can’t wait for the future. It will be awesome.