Make Stuff With Mindkits

Making things. It’s a bastion of New Zealand culture. We call it the “Number 8 Wire” mentality. Some would argue that the future of our economy relies on our ability to keep on with the makery. I love making stuff, and I love local kiwi company Mindkits, because they supply all sorts of electronic goodies to help you and me make anything we might put our minds to.

Arduino Hacking for Fun and … Fun

There’s something special about the tangible nature of electronics. Moreso perhaps for geeks and nerds who tend to work with the intangible: maths, software, science. Taking those incorporeal concepts and turning them into physical phenomena – flashing lights, moving servos – unlocks something deep in the geek psyche. Perhaps the toolmaking caveman, repressed by years […]

Coming Up: Giveaways and Mindstorms

It’s been a bit ungadgety around here lately, but never fear! I’ve got some cool stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks: Reviewing the new Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit. Reviewing the Arduino starter kit from Giving away an LG HFB-500 Bluetooth hands-free kit Noisy and fast gadgets for Fathers’ day. A […]