Hacking for Parental Sanity

This is one of a series of “classic posts“. Resurrections of old posts that I enjoyed writing, and you might enjoy reading. There is a company somewhere in Asia that manufactures small speakers. Small piezoelectric speakers that can put out a surprising amount of noise. I would one day like to visit this company, and […]

Unfair Competition

Here’s a very interesting set of circumstances that highlights the absolute atrocity that is broadband internet provisioning in New Zealand. We are moving house in a couple of weeks time. I have booked the telephone line move with Telecom (NZ’s monopoly phone line provider), and then asked about shifting our ADSL connection. They told me […]

Satellite Blues

Wow. SkyTV, New Zealand’s sole Pay TV provider is totally off the air across all of New Zealand tonight. Their support lines are overloaded, and even their website appears to be failing under the load of a million angry users attempting to get information. Angry users are venting their spleens in various public forums. My […]