Football Glory

Despite being a fat bastard and not really playing a lot of sport, I’ve always had a competitive sporting streak. I played football (soccer) briefly in secondary school, my reasoning being that it was less violent than rugby, and had fewer flying projectiles than field hockey or cricket. So it was that I jumped at […]

Searching the AOL Search Records

No doubt you’ve heard about AOL’s colossal screw-up, whereby they released hundreds of thousands of ‘anonymous’ search queries for the purposes of public research. Downloaders quickly discovered that because each search term is tagged by a user id, it is very easy to look at the search habits of a particular anonymous surfer and discover […]

Idiot of the Day

List of shops not to rob with a machete: Gun shops. ummmmm [quote] Machete-wielding man shot at gun shop By Elizabeth Binning A man wielding a machete has been shot at a gun shop in Auckland this morning. The shooting happened at SAI Guns and Ammo in Penrose at about 10am. The 19-year-old man entered […]