Android Hates Users has a nice rundown of all the different button layouts and a discussion on what might constitute the best layout. One of the comments goes on to say:
[quote]I have the Droid 1 and my girlfriend has the Droid 2. The back button and menu button are switched on the two phones. Every single time she tries to use my phone she ends up exiting a program by accident for this reason.[/quote]

Lots of people call me an  Android hater. I have my reasons. Chief among them is Google’s utter disrespect for consistency and user experience.

Here I have a composite image of Google’s new “flagship” Nexus S (top) and the Samsung Galaxy on which the Nexus is based. Notice anything different?

I’ll help you out: every single hardware button is in a different place. Every. Single. Button.

But hey guess what! The Nexus S has Near Field Communications! NFC! You can use it right now for all sorts of cool stuff like … ummm … actually no, it’s of no use whatsoever.

In case you are a hadn’t noticed, I’ve changed my main domain name. still works fine and will continue to redirect all traffic to the new domain, but I just didn’t feel it described the site anymore.  Back in the day I tended to focus mainly on gadgets, but the site has become so diverse now, and is more of a personal catalogue of interests and intricacies.

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Genesis loses focus…

This is brilliant. With my Genesis power bill I got not one, but two brochures telling me about how my power company is focusing on climate change. Two identical brochures printed on high-quality, bleached, heavy stock. I guess they’re not too focused on reducing wastage or energy spent on printing and processing.

Here’s an idea Genesis: how about offering me an online-only bill option so I can stop receiving unnecessary pieces of paper!?

Perils of the Hydrogen Economy

I’m ashamed. When our New Zealand Police spotted a suspicious car in the sleepy suburb of Wairau Valley, they didn’t put the entire country on amber-and-teal-striped critial alert. Nor did they detonate the dodgey vehicle under the watchful eyes of circling TV news cameras. Whart kind of half-arsed backwater country is this?

Wait what? It wasn’t a car bomb you say? It just had a home built water-hydrogen conversion system in it? Bloody New Zealanders: more concerned about the environment than being fear-mongering, terrorised lap-dogs. What is this country coming to?!


NZ Police CommCens Alert 02:30 2-07-2007 Waitemata

Location of incident: Link Drive, Wairau Valley

Incident Type: Suspicious Car

Device was established to be an elaborate system that turned water into hydrogen.
Nothing sinister and all emergency services stood down.
Issured By: Inspector Matt Sillars