WeetBix and The All Blacks: Shame on You

Sanitarium have responded. The best bit: no more registration. Also, the website didn’t cost $1.3m, the entire card game and campaign did.
Warning: this post contains harsh language and images of appalling user interfaces. You have been warned.
Also, remember kids, this is my personal opinion. Having said that, if something of this quality crossed my desk at work, it would get thrown back at the development team marked in red ink. Must try harder. See me.
Weetbix have updated the site to provide a nice helpful message that you need to log on. Unfortunately, you can also edit the URL to show any message you want.
12:11pm: Ooops no, looks like Sanitarium is following along with the story. They’ve closed the message loophole now.

You’re a 10 year old child. You find a card in your packet of WeetBix with your favourite All Black on it, along with the promise of an amazing 3-D online interactive experience. “Just hold it in front of your webcam”, it says.

So you rush to your computer and type in the website address as instructed.

login What? A login? Oh all right fine then. I’ll play this game. I ignore the bizarre word wrapping and hit the Register link.

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