Samsung Galaxy S6 First Impressions

Overall, I’m impressed by the S6. Samsung have pulled back from their crapware-do-everythign focus, and turned their impressive heft toward hardware and system design. The results are obvious: gorgeous hardware with what looks to be the best near-stock Android platform available.

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(Re)Building from the ground up

I’ve come to realise that building a high-performance team in a fast growing business is just one long fail. At any point in time you can only think “fuck, we have to do better than this”. Yet when you look back over a year of growth, the improvement is phenomenal.

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Electionish Stuff

Hello. I reckon you should vote. There’s one interesting thing I’d love you to think about though: no matter who you vote for, nothing much will change. And this is great. If you were to listen to all the ads and interviews and rhetoric, you’d be pretty sure that no matter who wins on Saturday… Continue reading Electionish Stuff

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Livescribe 3 SmartPen

I’ve found I use the pen a fair amount to capture a quick scribble, an image or perhaps a mindmap; sometimes a page of notes in an environment where I don’t feel comfortable sitting bashing away at my laptop keyboard. I think if you’re a big pen-based note taker this pen could genuinely change your world, but for me it’s supplementary.