Going Backwards

Thinkpiece about how Brexit and Trump are the ultimate outcome from neo-liberal erosion of social policy and shared responsibility.

Things Software Leaders Should Know

Reflecting on a tumultuous but ultimately successful year. Here’s what I’ve learned, re-learned, or cemented in my “2015 things (software engineering) leaders should know”: On Measurement Measure everything, as early as possible. Collecting data is cheap. You will not know you need it until after you need it. Do not build anything (teams, features, processes) without… Continue reading Things Software Leaders Should Know

Cleverloop Security System Review – Update

Cleverloop have rolled out a firmware update to the base station which disables the dynamic DNS feature of the IP cameras. This was my main concern, and with the fix it means that the cameras are not so easily exposed to the outside world.

Cleverloop Security System

Cleverloop (launched as an Indiegogo campaign in 2014) tries to bridge across these three cateogries. Combining cheaper IP cameras with a smart hub to provide in-home storage and alerting. How does it measure up?