Still Waiting.. NOT!

This is what I had typed up last Sunday when trying to start a new blog entry: “Yep, we’re still waiting. Official due-date is Monday, but then (as we keep hearing like a broken record*), first babies are always late.” Well guess what, we’re not waiting any more! We’re home from the hospital with Ollie. What once was an abstract concept that related to something in mum’s tummy, is now a living, breathing, 9lb 4oz, bouncing baby boy.

The adrenaline started pumping 10am Monday when (then) mum-to-be called me to say that the midwife had sent her into the hospital with high blood pressure. It’s really hard to describe now how we felt then. When you have no idea what is going to happen when, and how, it is difficult to feel apprehensive.
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Ok, now we’re in trouble.

Not only have I offended mum-to-be’s sensibility by implying that she seemed much more prepared for Ollie’s arrival than I, but she has disclosed that just like me, she has no fricken idea.

What now!? Neither of us has the foggiest idea what to do when we get home from the hospital. Sure, I guess you stick the little thing in some nappies and clothes, make up the bassinet and jam it in there, but what then?
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So the baby has flipped (finally!) and the faux-contractions have started happening fairly frequently. The baby room is almost ready – still have to put the curtains up, but that should only take a few minutes.

We have nappies, bottles, wraps, blankets, stretch-n-grows, singlets, shirts, socks, bottles, nipple guards, toys, change mats, a bassinet, a bath, a pram, a cot, a playmat. Basically everything on the Baby City “You must buy everything on this list or you’re a terribly bad parent, and if you don’t buy the most expensive item in each category then you’re only marginally better than a child-molesting Catholic priest” brochure.

But it still doesn’t seem real.
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