Rocking the Press Pass at Tech.Ed NZ

It’s all Microsoft, all the time on at the moment. Last week it was a week of brain-bending SharePoint training with Steve Smith from Combined Knowledge. This week I’m working with Mauricio from Geekzone on the Unnoficial Tech.Ed Blog. We’re recording videos with some key people at Tech.Ed, and will be uploading them over… Continue reading Rocking the Press Pass at Tech.Ed NZ

Tech.Ed and Auckland .NET Code Camp 2009

You may or may not know that my day job involves bitwrangling for Datacom, using Microsoft development platforms (yes yes evil empire yadda yadda – give me a break). As such, I’m excited that Tech.Ed New Zealand is a mere two weeks away. Tech.Ed is the 3-day conference where Microsoft developers (developers! developers!) and systems people get the low-down on the latest development tools and techniques.

Codified Common Sense

The more time I spend in this software development game, the more I believe that all these fancy methodologies are just codified common sense. Back when I first started managing projects, I got hold of a great book called “The Project Manager’s Desktop Reference”. It was full of interesting information about planning, risk management, SWOT… Continue reading Codified Common Sense

Invisible Micromanagement

New managers will know that micromanagement is bad. In the software development world, micromanagement tends to be particularly bad, because it often means a manager who is out of date with technology will meddle in decisions best left to the current technical experts. However, the absolute condemnation of micromanagement (which, by coincidence often goes hand… Continue reading Invisible Micromanagement