An Open Letter to Judith Collins

I hope you can see from my explanations above that the activity we have witnessed regarding National Party websites and bank account “hacking” are worlds apart. The former in no way proves the latter, as you stated.

Conflating the two does nothing to advance discussion around how we can embrace or enable legitimate online protest while also dealing with illegal activity in an increasingly connected world.

Fixing Novopay (and other “Big IT” projects)

The key issue with Novopay, and the school payroll system, and many other huge black-box IT projects (yeah, I’m looking at you, $1.5bn IRD replacement system), is the approach of replacing the system as a whole. Forget about the elephant, let’s look for a system of interconnected components that – as a whole – gets us to where we need to be.

Consultancy. Why?

What I do find vexing is the fact that software procurement, development, and maintenance is (or should be) an absolute core requirement of almost any modern government department. As such, the trend to outsource all aspects of the process bother me greatly. What we end up with is a world where all of the enterprise IT expertise is centralised in these consulting firms, who in turn can extract near-monopoly rents from the government because each department is forced to use the consultancies to cover their asses.