Pocket PC WZC Disabler

I’ve written a small app to disable “Wireless Zero Configuration” for my Ipaq 4150. I think it should also work on any other Windows Mobile 2003 based Pocket PCs with built-in wireless cards. You’ll need the .NET Compact Framework (which is included in WM2003).

It simply deletes the relevant registry keys, or re-adds them if deleted modifies the relevant registry keys. Credit to this newsgroup post for discovering the keys. After a soft-reset, you should find that the annoying popups (whenever a new AP is found) are gone. Great if you’re running something like WiFifofum to scan for available APs.

Get it here. The new version is over here now. This is a self-installing CAB file. You’ll need to copy it to somewhere on your PocketPC, then open it. Sorry, I’m couldn’t be bothered writing an ActiveSync installer.

– You’ll need to soft-reset after disabling/enabling WZC for the change to take effect.
– If you’re asked about an OpenNETCF cabfile, download it here: OpenNETCF Compact Framework, or alternatively download the full install from the OpenNETCF site.

I have done only very basic testing on this app, and as such cannot guarantee that it is safe, stable or reliable. However it has worked for me with no noticeable side effects. Please make a backup of your Pocket PC before using it.