Vonage TimeToCall and a Huge iPad2 Giveaway

It appears that Voice over IP is making huge strides into the consumer space at the moment. What with my new Genius VoIP connection, and now this new TimeToCall app from Vonage, VoIP is truly become accessible to everyone’s granny.

TimeToCall takes a very different approach to VoIP billing: one charge for a 15 minute call, billed to your iTunes account. One price for landline or mobile calls up to 15 minutes in length. No bills at the end to month, no need to create an account, no need to visit a store or another web site to purchase calling cards. And your first call to overseas destinations is free!

If you’re someone that chats regularly with overseas colleagues, friends and family, TimeToCall looks like a pretty good option. You can place calls anywhere your iPhone or iPad can get a 3G connection in the US or Canada, or worldwide using WiFi.

Multiple Chances to Win an iPad 2

To get the word out, Vonage is partnering with a ton of blogs around the world to promote this app, and each blog will give away a 32GB iPad 2, using a competition of their own choice. And yes, ben.geek.nz is participating. You check out the full list of participating websites here. You’ll see at least two other kiwi options: Geekzone and iPhonewzealand. Keep an eye on the dates so you can enter the competitions. My competition will start next week, and Mauricio’s is running right now.

Check out how TimeToCall works in this video:

Presenting ShyBladder

Forget your iFarts and your Sound Grenades. The latest addition to the iPhone App Store is my magnum opus: ShyBladder.


Do you have trouble getting things going in the restroom? Perhaps when other people are around, or just in an unfamiliar environment? Well help is at hand!

With ShyBladder on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will have a helpful prompt to get into your flow. With three different styles of running water, you?ll find something in this app to increase your urgency. And it?s completely free!



Update: the game is afoot! Interceptor is now available on the App Store. If you have iTunes installed then clicking this link will take you right to the page.

Coming soon to an iPhone near you: Interceptor!

I like to pronounce it with a James Earl Jones voice, and run long on the last syllable. INTERCEPTOOAAR.

It has taken a wee while to develop, and I have to send massive props to the iPhoneDevCamp guys (you know who you are) for their awesome feedback and suggestions. Feel free to comment here or on the Interceptor page if you have any troubles or comments regarding the game. I’ll update the post with a link to the app once it turns up on the App Store.