Building a Multisensor for Home Assistant – Part 2

In part 1, I was building a light sensor, but now it’s morphed into a multi-sensor Running against my recent terrible Aliexpress streak, the remaining bits actually arrived. Here’s the items I’ve used to build a great little multi-sensor that pumps data into Home Assistant: Total: US$8.38 Item Details Price Main Board Wemos Mini D1 (probably […]

Building a Light Level Sensor for Home Assistant – Part 1

(This turned from a light sensor into a light/temperature/humidity/pressure multi-sensor in Part 2. By Part 3 it might be sentient.) I’ve been mucking about with Home Assistant for several months now after buying wifi lights (and shamefully haven’t been blogging about it). Home Assistant is a hugely configurable, Python-based home automation server. I recommend checking it out. […]

Thoughts: Samsung Galaxy S4

I’m not sure when it was decided that electronic product launches had to be a) gaudy affairs in major event theatres and b) completely devoid of availability information; but nonetheless this is the currently accepted formula. Samsung’s announcement of the GALAXY S4 yesterday was nothing more than appropriately bizarre.

Windows Phone Killed My Children

There is one truism buried in Matt’s post that I will agree with (but which he unfortunately did not elaborate on clearly): the upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 was less than it could have been, and is almost entirely due to internal Microsoft “strategy tax”. The move to an NT kernel was not necessary, and now puts Windows Phone under the crushing weight of the Windows Team.