It’s the Software, Stupid

Just the other day our Prime Minister was asked (on Stuff’s live chat) what our most important growth industries were. His reply: food, tech manufacturing, and film making. None of those scale as well as software. It’s fantastic that without any particular incentive we’re building great software exporting companies (Vend, Xero, Marker Metro, our incredible… Continue reading It’s the Software, Stupid

Nokia N9 Review: Gorgeous Hardware

My understanding is that the N9 was all but complete when Stephen Elop announced Nokia’s sea change. In fact, I’m writing this review 60 minutes before Nokia (hopefully) announces their first phones running Windows Phone 7.  So what does the N9 mean in this context? The rumoured (and demonstrated) “sea-ray” device looks uncannily similar in… Continue reading Nokia N9 Review: Gorgeous Hardware