Melting Moments

Ahhh. Riiiight. I get it. Lately things have been getting into a bit of a routine. This is not a bad thing, but it does make Ollie seem more like some sort of symbiote or parasite, rather than a little guy. Nappy, feed, nappy, play, sleep, nappy, feed, nappy, play, sleep. Not much to it, […]

Slope Insanity

If you’ve got some bandwidth to spare check this out. &nbspYes, they flew that thing off a windy slope. No power, just gliding on the updraft. Insanity. If you’ve got some more bandwidth after that thrashing (I mean come on people, at least compress the jpegs a tiny bit), then there is a video here.


After six weeks or so without a slope glider, I finally broke down and bought a shiny new Jazz 60.  The Jazz is a flying wing design, and the 60 indicates that it has a wingspan of 60 inches, or around 1.5 metres. The particular version I grabbed is a ‘DS Special’, specifically designed for dynamic […]