How to disconnect from Social Media without deleting your accounts

I’ve thought about taking a break from Social Media several times in the past. It was this video that finally pushed me to give it a crack, at least experimentally (thanks Rowan). It’s not that the chap had anything groundbreaking to say, but more that it was a handy summary of all the reasons why I’ve considered leaving before.

There’s no dramatic reason why I’ve tuned out right now, but thanks to the couple of people who checked in. I really appreciate it.

The break might turn permanent, who knows? But in the first instance I wanted to reliably and definitively disconnect, but also keep my accounts around just in case*.

Here’s how I did that:


  1. Revoke all app permissions in the Twitter web interface
  2. Change password to something random and non-memorable (random generated 30-character with symbols should do the trick). Don’t save the password anywhere.
  3. Log out
  4. Remove all apps from devices
  5. Remove all accounts from devices (especially MacOS and iOS)


  1. Disable the “App” platform completely (I think it was in the privacy/security settings somewhere).
  2. Repeat steps 2-5 above.

I should probably have also changed my email in both systems to someone else’s email, but let’s just hope my resolve is strong enough for now.

It’s only been about six hours, but already there have been some stages of grief: most notably bargaining. Is Strava “Social Media”? Probably. Deleted that. Instagram definitely is and got the heave. What about Apple Health activity sharing? Probably, but I’ll keep that one running for the motivation. Snapchat? Gone.

Wordpress twitter publishing broken
This is WordPress being ironic

Aside: it’s remarkably nostalgic to be back in /wp-admin typing away, and it’s also incredibly tragic how rusty my writing is.

*Call me weak, but that 2006 Twitter account with the 6k user ID is worth holding on to, at least for the lols when Google buys Twitter and decommissions it a few months later.


  1. I admire your move here , Ben. Not sure I could do the same.

    As I work from home, I lean heavily on social media as my virtual watercooler. Without it, I think I’d find the working from home lifestyle to be a little too isolating.


  2. Thanks David, it’s been both interesting and completely uneventful at the same time. It’s been nice that a few people have got in touch directly. Like the old days =)


  3. Nice to see some activity on this blog. Good luck with the disconnect. I removed social media from my phone about a month ago which cut my usage massively.


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