Orbitsound SB60 Airsound vs M9 Soundbar

A little while back, I was contacted by reps from Orbitsound to ask whether I wanted to check out their SB60 Airsound Base. I’ve been looking for something with a bit more oomph than the plain old TV speakers, so I took them up on the offer.

SB60 Airsound™ Base

If I’m honest, I was pretty unimpressed with the SB60. It added a bit more volume to the TV output, but I found the overall output very muddy, especially when it comes to voices. Not being able to clearly distinguish voices from background noise and music is a fairly fundamental flaw for a device designed to sit under your television.

I’m not sure if it was the particular acoustics of our TV cabinet, or a fundamental flaw with the SB60, but it was bad enough that we found ourselves using the TV sound more often than not.

So, when I returned the SB60 and Orbitsound came back with an offer to also try their M9 Soundbar, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed.

M9 Soundbar

Compared to the SB60, the M9 is a breath of clear, fresh air. Voices are loud and distinct, and the adjustment on the wireless* subwoofer allows you to tune down any boomy bass that can be typical with these cheaper systems. Of course if you love your EDM, you can crank the bass back up again too.

*I was worried the wireless subwoofer would introduce some delays or connectivity issues, but over a couple of weeks of testing, there has been no such issues. The wireless approach means one less wire to wrangle behind your TV cabinet, with the subwoofer only needing a single power cable.

The M9 takes up a lot less room on your TV cabinet than the SB60, and adds Bluetooth input on top of the AUX and digital optical inputs it shares with the SB60, so you can happily use it as an output device for your phone even with the TV turned off.

There’s one flaw in both the M9 and SB60: the glaring blue LED on the front of the devices. Nothing that a bit of black tape can’t fix, but for something that is sitting under your TV, and generally turned on, it’s bloody annoying.

For the price, the M9 is a great piece of kit that will add to your TV enjoyment.

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