Here is a list of some things. Many of these have been mentioned in conversations in most forms of media about sexual activity and rape over the last couple of weeks:

  • Drunk
  • Out late at night
  • Wearing skimpy clothes
  • Age of participants
  • Up for it
  • Knew what you were getting into
  • Not brave enough to complain
  • Not a virgin
  • A virgin
  • Slutty
  • Liked the attention
  • Friendly
  • Naked
  • Got into bed with boys

Here is what is relevant when discussing rape (or unlawful sexual connection):

  • Consent.

It bothers me greatly that consent is barely (never?) mentioned in any conversation in the media. This is rape culture.


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  1. Agreed, although when the girl is 13 even consent isn’t enough in the eyes of the law (or at least it shouldn’t be).

    One thing I’m not sure about – it seems fine to me for the police to ask what the girls were wearing as part of a series of questions, in fact I would expect it to be standard procedure:
    “What were you wearing?”
    “Do you still have the clothes?”
    “Have they been washed or worn by anyone else since?”
    Is this not what happened?

    1. You make a point, but it seems obvious to me that the line of questioning was not the way it went down.

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