Life is change. I’m moving on from Marker Metro. To where? Who knows! The opportunity to pull an Ian Livingstone and Choose My Own Adventure* is just too exciting to pass up. The last few days have just cemented that.


I’ve been told by a couple of people that they are curious as to why I’m moving, so to dispel any rumour or hearsay, let me tell you this: I’m super-lucky to have some personal funds turn up recently that allow me the freedom – for the first time in my career – to take a break and make a choice as to what I do next without any encumbrance at all.

Marker Metro is incredibly healthy and exciting, nothing at all is of issue there. Keith and the team are powering ahead, and are building (have built!) another superb NZ software export story. Just think of me as the pull-starter to Marker’s gas-turbine powered lawnmower of awesome. I look forward to watching fondly as they power ahead.

If you’ve got something exciting on the boil, feel free to give me a bell on 021 755392. I won’t bite, unless you’re a recruiter and/or it involves working with SharePoint.

*Deathtrap Dungeon is not an analogy for anything. It’s just the very first Choose Your Own Adventure that I remember reading.

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